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Forget About Big Brother - Bring on Alexa

Innovative new applications of Voice Recognition (VR) married with Artificial Intelligence (AI) abounded at this year's massive gathering of techies, media professionals and entrepreneurs at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But the petite digital personal assistant Alexa developed by Read More

Steranka Talks State of Golf with Reuters

Rick Horrow with Joe Steranka LIVE at the Honda Classic 2017 Read More

Golf's Balancing Act; Hitting the Reset Button

The Flourishing of GolfThe recent, annual gathering of golf industry leaders brought together 100 top minds in Chicago for a single purpose.  It was to dive deep into re-balancing supply and demand and the two key demographic groups: Affluents who drive a majority of the golf spend, and Read More

Golf's Reported Demise Overblown

A friend recently asked if he should list his golf clubs on eBay given perception that golf was going out of business.  After all, recent reports about golf’s challenges have overshadowed the good news of an industry in transition following the biggest recession of our lives.To wit, retailer Read More

I Was There: The War by the Shore

Appeared in 2016 Fall issue of LINKS MagazineHe’s not going to make his putt, no one can make this putt,” Floyd family matriarch Maria whispered hurriedly to Raymond and sons Ray and Robert. Still, 10,000 people circling the 18th green of the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island held their breath watching Read More

What will the next decade bring?

From transportation to healthcare and entertainment, innovations in consumer products and services are in the highest gear ever.  Not surprisingly, advances in technology – both hardware and software – are driving rapid change and disruption, altering economic models more rapidly than some Read More

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