ESPNW Talks Sports with Joe Steranka

Joe Steranka's career in sports spans over 30 years.

After stints with the NBA's Washington Bullets and Cleveland Cavaliers and working for ProServ, the renowned sports management company, Steranka recently served as CEO of PGA of America. He joined the organization's staff in 1988 and directed its expansion in event, media, marketing and strategic areas before becoming its second CEO in 2005 (he retired from the post last year).

Here's what he discussed during our recent interview.

Question from Val Ackerman: What have you seen in the evolution of women's golf over the past few decades?

Answer from Joe Steranka: After starting in professional sports with [NBA teams], I went on to ProServ, that represented athletes and events. ProServ was big in the tennis business but added a number of golfers -- Kathy Whitworth and Hollis Stacy, two members of the World Golf Hall of Fame. So I saw some of the parallels and contrasts between women's golf and women's tennis, which had a much higher level of parity [with the men] when it came to sponsorship, prize money, media coverage, than women's golf enjoyed.

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